Iftar Event Together of Ramadhan 2024

Informatics Engineering Department UIN Malang held a breakfast event on Friday, March 22, 2024, to strengthen the relationship and celebrate the holy month of Ramadan. The event, attended by lecturers and education staff, was held at the Maliki Plaza Building and started at 15.30 WIB.

Mrs Tari, an energetic host, opened the event with enthusiasm before continuing with remarks from the Head of the Informatics Engineering Department, Mr. Dr. Fachrul Kurniawan. He emphasized the importance of local wisdom values and wisdom (Ulul Albab) in everyday life, which was then explained in depth in the core of the lecture by Mr. Dr. Imamudding Lc, MA.

 Not just a breakfasting event, this event also became a momentum for the participants to reflect on the meaning of Ramadan and how to apply the values of local wisdom in everyday life. A warm atmosphere full of togetherness radiated from the faces of those present, adding to the event’s solemnity.

Lecturers and education staff from the Informatics Engineering Department of UIN Malang enthusiastically welcomed this event as part of an effort to strengthen emotional and professional ties between them. They hope that this event will not only be a gathering place but can also inspire and motivate all participants.

The event went smoothly and was fun, showing the cohesiveness and togetherness in the big family of Informatics Engineering UIN Malang. Hopefully, the spirit of togetherness and local wisdom values championed in this event can continue to inspire and strengthen brotherhood in their academic life.