Internship Program Socialization

The Informatics Engineering Study Program conducted an online socialization event for the 2021 cohort regarding the Practicum Work Program (PKL). This eagerly anticipated event, which took place at 09.00 WIB, saw enthusiastic participation from students, given the importance of internships in applying the theories learned in class to real-world practice.

The Head of the Study Program, Dr. Fachrul Kurniawan, opened the event with a warm welcome and explained the internship procedures, covering preparation, execution, and reporting. He emphasized the importance of following the established procedures to ensure a smooth internship process and optimal outcomes.

Adding crucial information, the Internship Coordinator, Dr. Zainal Abidin, reminded students to be selective in choosing their internship placements. He advised against selecting small computer shops or companies that might not offer significant learning experiences. Instead, Dr. Zainal suggested looking for internship opportunities in government institutions, at least at the village or sub-district level or in large companies relevant to their field of study.

Questions flowed from the students, showing a strong enthusiasm and desire to gain valuable internship experiences. The questions were about the minimum duration of the internship and what steps to take if someone has completed their internship but did not follow the established procedures.

This socialization event served as an informational venue for internships and a productive discussion forum between students and the program administrators. Through this socialization, students are expected to better prepare and conduct their internships, follow the established procedures, and choose placements that offer work experience and valuable learning for their future.

Students are encouraged to access the academic portal or contact the internship coordinator for more detailed information about internship procedures. Let’s support the Informatics Engineering students in having a successful and meaningful internship experience.