Proposal Seminar Schedule for Even Semester 2023/2024 Periode II – stage 6

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Announcement for students who have registered for the Even Semester Period Proposal Seminar Examination, T.A. 2023/2024, that the exam will be held:

No. Nama Mahasiswa NIM Ketua Penguji Anggota Penguji 1 Anggota Penguji II/Pembimbing I Hari Tanggal Waktu Tempat
1 Hafid Ahmad Fahmianto 17650073 Dr. Fresy Nugroho, M.T Shofin Nahwa Utama, MT Dr. Fachrul Kurniawan, M.MT., IPM Jum’at 5-Apr-24 09.00 – 10.00 R. Meeting