Study Visit of Computer Science Department from FMIPA UNILA

On Thursday, April 25, 2024, the Computer Science Department of FMIPA Universitas Lampung (UNILA) conducted a highly enthusiastic study visit to the Informatics Engineering Program at UIN Malang. The visit, attended by 209 students and 5 faculty members, was greeted with a warm welcome and great hospitality.

Dr. Facrul Kurniawan, the Head of the Informatics Engineering Program at UIN Malang, warmly welcomed the guests and expressed gratitude for their visit. In his address, he presented the profile of the Informatics Engineering program at UIN Malang, providing insights into its achievements and program development.

Representatives from UNILA also expressed sincere gratitude for the warm reception. They appreciated UIN Malang’s efforts in facilitating the visit.

After the formal session in the auditorium, the participants were taken on a tour of the Informatics Engineering laboratories at UIN Malang. They were impressed by the activities taking place in the laboratories and the innovative products developed by UIN Malang’s students.

This visit is expected to strengthen collaboration between the two higher education institutions and provide inspiration for students and faculty in developing computer science and information technology.