“Build Innovation in Welcoming The Society 5.0”- ICT 2022

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The Encoder Informatics Engineering Student Association held a technology event titled Gebyar ICT (Information and Communication Technology) which consisted of 3 competitions, namely Innovation App, Cinematography, and Micro Drone Race. This year’s ICT Festival carries the theme “Build Innovation in Welcoming The Society 5.0”. Apart from the 3 competitions above, there is also a seminar as the closing event.

The Micro Drone Race competition as the first agenda was held to start the opening of the ICT celebration this time with a total of 30 participants, which was held on Sunday, November 13 2022. Then, it was  continued with the Innovation App competition which was attended by 16 teams and 5 teams for the Cinematography competition which started from 29 October – 20 November 2022. The last agenda of this event was a Seminar which was attended by 95 participants.


Then, the final round was held on Saturday, 26 November 2022 offline. In the final round of the Innovation App and Cinematography competition, there were 5 teams from each branch of the competition and each team had to present their work. After they presented their work, the next stage was a question and answer session with the jury.

The next event is the last agenda, namely the Seminar and Awarding. The Seminar was opened by remarks from Mr. Ahmad Fahmi Karami, as a representative from the Head of the Informatics Engineering Study Program who was unable to attend. He hopes that by holding this event he can increase his confidence by pouring his innovations and creations into this competition.

“By participating in this event, I hope that students can get new insights to be able to support society 5.0 and can work together so that what is expected can run smoothly in Indonesia,” he continued.

After the remarks, the event was continued by the presentation of material from the first speaker, namely Nanda Mochammad as Klikdokter’s iOS Developer regarding “Chasing Opportunity in Society 5.0 Era Developing Mobile Applications”. He revealed that society 5.0 is an era where all things will be replaced by AI (Artificial Intelligence) that how AI is an inseparable part of life.

He emphasized that “Humans who can survive are humans who can adapt”. “There are 4 areas of technology that are still needed in the future, the four areas are Product Strategy, Mobile App Architecture, User Experience Design, Mobile App Marketing,” he continued.

The second speaker is Syahidan Z as the Line Producer of HISSTORY FILM. He has been active in the film industry for a long time. In this seminar session he said that the film industry has contributed to supporting the 5.0 era. “Video in the industry is one of the fields that has the biggest salaries. Video editing is no longer difficult because now is the era of social media like Tik Tok, so that everyone can become a film editor easily,” he said. The material was closed by presenting the film works he had made. All participants were amazed and amazed when they saw the film work.

The event continued to the last session, the long-awaited session, namely the announcement of the winners and awarding. The Ehact team won 1st place in the Innovation App competition, 2nd place went to the Dalton Elena team and 3rd won by the Thesis Warriors team. Then, for the Cinematography contest, 1st place was won
by the Fastco team, the 2nd place was won by the Piwales team, and the 3rd place was won by the MCV team.   

Then, FPV Lumajang won 1st place in the Micro Drone Race, 2nd place won
by Sabah FPV, and 3rd place was won by Bangil FPV. After the winners from each branch were announced, it was followed by a photo session per team and a group photo for each competition. The event was closed with a joint prayer reading by the MC and all participants and continued with a group photo session.