Informatics Incubation 2023

The Informatics Engineering Study Program, Student Association in collaboration with student communities such as Fun Java, Ontaki, Mamud, Weboender, UINBUNTU, ETH0, UINUX, Al-Fataa and MOCAP held activities with the theme of releasing the power of community for personal growth and innovation on Saturday, 21 October 2023 .

This activity aims to help new students find a passion in the field of Information and Communication Technology by holding an annual event, namely IT Incubation.

In this event, students will be guided by mentors who have authority in the Informatics community, such as being community administrators or senior start-up members. Students are facilitated to develop their abilities by choosing and participating in the community they want to join according to their interests. Here, students can learn ICT in a fun way with the help of the student association and all members of the student community.