ONTAKI Community Join Expo IT INCUBATION 2023

ONTAKI community had the honor of participating in Expo IT INCUBATION 2023, a prestigious event showcasing the latest innovations in information technology and communication. On this special occasion, ONTAKI sent three talented teams, namely S-Soccer, Steel Soccer, and S-Mustaqim, to showcase their best work.

S-Soccer and Steel Soccer: Introducing Cutting-Edge Robot Soccer

The S-Soccer and Steel Soccer teams have developed captivating robot soccer players. These robots not only offer exciting soccer matches but also represent significant strides in the fusion of technology and sports.  After 5 weeks incubation period for these teams before Expo IT INCUBATION 2023 allowed them to fine-tune their robot soccer skills to perfection. With innovative hardware and software, they are ready to compete in the robot soccer competition at this Expo.

S-Mustaqim: Navigating the Path with Line Follower Robots

S-Mustaqim is a team comprised of talented individuals who have created impressive line follower robots. These robots are equipped with advanced sensors that allow them to follow lines accurately, even on the most complex circuits. After 5 weeks incubation period before the Expo enabled the S-Mustaqim team to test and refine their line follower robots, making them ready to take on various challenges at Expo IT INCUBATION 2023.

Enthusiasm and Creativity at Expo IT INCUBATION 2023

Expo IT INCUBATION 2023 is a significant opportunity for ONTAKI members to showcase their creativity and share knowledge with technology experts, industry professionals, and the general public attending the event. Visitors can also learn more about the latest developments in IT technology. We hope that the S-Soccer, Steel Soccer, and S-Mustaqim teams will achieve great success at Expo IT INCUBATION 2023 and drive further innovation in the world of technology. Support ONTAKI on their journey towards a brighter and more accomplished technological future!